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Tattoo Removal


Painting of the human body goes back to the beginning of recorded history, and thus the removal of unwanted tattoos has probably been around that long as well. The variety of techniques used to apply tattoos is staggering; the source of the ink, where on the body the tattoo is applied, colors and designs used, even the depth into the skin can vary dramatically. Thus the approach that the practitioner faces to remove tattoos must take into account that every person and every tattoo that is unique.

How does it work?

The Q-Switched laser treatment is used to produce a high powered beam of laser light at a speed that is too fast to heat the skin; the very short pulse of light penetrates the skin without breaking it and is absorbed by the tattoo ink particles. The ink particles are then broken down into smaller pieces; your body’s immune system recognizes these particles as something that shouldn’t be there and removes them naturally via the body’s own natural elimination system.

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