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Stretch Marks Treatment

Stretch Marks Treatment

Striae or the strech marks are easily recognisable pink or whitish, shriveled lines on certain parts of our body. The surface layer of the skin is unchanged while in deeper layers, collagen and elastin that give our skin firmness and elasticity have become thin and torn. These are the permanently torn fibers of collagen and elastine. In the beginning, striae are reddish, because in the transparent torn tissue the blood vessels can be seen, and in time the blood vessels contract and the striae become whitish and loose in volume.

Which treatment is available for stretch marks ?


Mesotherapy can have an effect on the collagen and elastin thickening during the mechanical skin damage by the needle. The needle is placed along the whitish line of the striae. In the skin recovery process the sting activates the natural processes that increase the level of the new collagen and elastin.

New collagen and elastin

Numerous amino acids and vitamins are included in the mesotherapy injections and are delivered into the scar tissue as well as below it. These ingredients are already present in the body and so further injection just stimulates their actions as opposed to introducing foreign chemicals.

What to expect after treatment ?

It is important to know that mesotherapy and dermaroller for stretch marks removal works best when the stretch marks are not too old; that is, when the lines are still reddish or pinkish in color. Mesotherapy and dermaroller usually take about 8-10 sessions for the removal of stretch marks to be effective. In treatment of old stretch marks that are white, it is advisable to continue the procedure for more than six months to get the optimum result.

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