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Natures provide support for the cheeks and lips, which helps you while eating, speaking and functioning.

Process and duration:

Dentures treatment procedures vary from one case to another. It starts with an examination and diagnosis, which leads to following visits that includes taking impressions of the mouth, bite registration, try-in of the denture, issues and reviews.


Expectations vary from one person to another. It takes several days or weeks before getting used to the new dentures. There are some useful suggestions that helps a person in adapting to the new dentures and its optimum function experience:

  • Increased salivary flow – it is the natural response of the salivary glands when the dentures are first inserted. Swallowing more often will help and everything will be back to normal after few weeks once you get used to the dentures.
  • Speech – it may be difficult to pronounce certain words due to the new dentures, but you can speed up from adapting to the new dentures by speaking loudly and repeating troublesome words. This problem rarely continues beyond two weeks.
  • Sore Spots – it can cause minor irritation by surface irregularities or pressure spots on the denture-bearing areas. You may seek the dentist for consultation of this discomfort is persistent or if it becomes very painful.

How to take care of your dentures

Dentures can acquire plaque and food debris in areas where the denture is in contact with your gums and teeth. Keep in mind that dentures should be cleaned regularly to avoid staining after every meal. When cleaning your dentures, don’t forget to :

  • Use a soft brush or a special made denture brush.
  • Avoid hot water that may distort the denture.
  • Use mild detergent to clean dentures. Avoid the abrasive cleaners that can roughen the surface of the denture.
  • Avoid dropping the denture, which can cause it to break.
  • Soak the dentures in the denture cleanser once a week to remove stains.
  • Store them in water when not using the dentures.

You will be required to wear the dentures most of the times the first few days. You can remove the dentures before going to bed to allow your gum tissues to reset and promote oral health.

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