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Acne & Acne Scar Treatment

Acne Scar Treatment

Unquestionably one of the most treatable skin complaints

A combination of stressful lifestyles, pore clogging pollution and counter-productive skincare products has left a significant number of the population suffering with adult acne issues. It’s a common complaint and leads many people visiting clinics for a cure. Here are the best acne treatment available in our center.


The Acne Solution Salicylic Acid Peel was clinically designed to comprehensively manage mild to severe acne by penetrating and decongestingfollicles that actively redness and inflammation, Targeting blemish causing bacteria.

During the treatment :

After thoroughly cleansing the face,the Salicylic Acid Peel is then applied up to three times depending on comfort level and necessity. Patient will feel a little burning sensation, which will subside in few minutes, and then protective creams will be applied on the skin after the treatment.


Carbon Peel is a no-downtime procedure that helps rejuvenate the appearance of aging, damaged skin. This gentle procedure is safe on most skin types and is a great way to get a quick skin refresher without the longer downtime associated with other laser procedures. It evens skin tone, reducing appearance of pigment, fine lines and acne scars, your skin will fill and look younger.

How it works

An application of carbon lotion on treated area will stay for 15-20 minutes then Laser energy lightly removes Spectra Lotion, heating dermis and lightly ablating the top layer of dead skin. The laser energy breaks up pigment, which is then carried away by your body, and heats the skin causing the skin to contract while at the same time stimulating the building of collagen.

Is there any downtime ?

With no downtime and minimal side effects, you may immediately return to your daily activities. Ask your doctor about scheduling a Spectra Peel today.

Does a spectra peel hurt ?

The majority of patients report no pain; they only experience a slight warming of their skin and a light prickling feeling. Typically, no anesthesia or topical is needed.

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